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Human Hair or Synthetic

When looking for a suitable wig the choices are endless…. colour, hair length, base type ect but what about the material of the hair???? Synthetic fibre or Human hair???    Here is a quick guide from Wigs4U on the advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which material is best for you:

Synthetic Fibre
Advantages: They require little if any styling, just leave to dry naturally.It retains it’s style wash after wash.It is light weight.The cost is a lot less than human hair wigsLarge colour rangeDisadvantages: Fibre friction causes static frizz in synthetic fibre wigs, more prevalent on longer styles.You can only achieve minimal style changesIt doesn’t last as long as a human hair wig.

Human Hair
Advantages: You can style your hair as you wish, different ways different days.You can curl it.You can blow dry it.It’s heat resistant.The wig lasts longer than synthetic and does not get static frizz.Disadvantages: You have to style it regularly.It is usually heavier.The colour…