Monday, 15 July 2019


We are pleased to announce the arrival of
our BRAND NEW men's system.....


Before and After 

Spectrum has an undetectable hairline with a thin skin foundation making this system very natural. With two lace areas on the base for ventilation along with micro ventilation holes throughout,  it makes this system ultra breathable.

Using the guidelines on the base, it can easily be reduced to medium (7 x 9) and small (6 x 8) sizes in minutes.
Spectrum is available in the following colours:
1, 1B, 1B10, 2, 3, 320, 340, 4, 410, 5, 520, 565, 580, 60, 7, 720


  • Base Size: 8" X 10"  (easily reduced to 7”x 9” or  6”x 8”)
  • Hair Type:100% HUMAN HAIR for excellent feel and condition.            *Note: Grey content is 100% human hair in all colours with upto,  and including, 40% grey.  All colours above 40%  the grey content will be in synthetic fibre.
  • Hair Length: 4½  - 5½   inches
  • Density: Light / Medium 
  • Skin Thickness: 6 grams
  • Wave Pattern: 28mm (slight wave)
  • Hair Knotting: V-loop in skin area & double split knot in lace area
  • Recommended pieces per year 4-6 (depending on wearer)

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