Monday, 13 August 2018

Wig care pack for synthetic hair...

Wig care pack for synthetic hair...

This wig care pack from Wigs4U is all you need to keep your synthetic wig in pristine condition!
Our shampoo for synthetic fibres will gently cleanse and deodorise your wig - giving a fresh and clean feel. 
Conditioning a wig is very important to maintain the softness and look of the fibre. Our spray on revitalize conditioning spray protects and conditions. This helps to  prolong the life of your wig. 
Our sturdy tall wig stand is the ideal accessory on which to naturally dry your wig after washing it or to place your wig on when not wearing it. 
Use the shape styling spritz to help maintain your style and achieve different effects. When travelling, our wig stand is fully collapsible and can be flat packed away. 

The small anti-static wig brush has silicone tips to help prevent damage to your wig. 
The twin pack medicap wig cap liner is ideal for wearing under your wig to help prevent the wig from slipping, improve comfort on the scalp and improves hygiene by trapping the scalps natural oils and preventing these from transferring to the wig base. Simple washing of the medicap on a regular basis means less washing of your wig and completes this very essential wig care pack.

So why not order yours: Order from here today!

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