A common issue many Women have with wigs is getting serious tangling, far more than their own hair. There are various reasons why tangling can happen and these include:
  • How well the wig is made
  • Whether the cuticles are all going in the right direction
  • If it’s been processed with some kind of chemical or colour
  • If the hair has been laid in wrong or it’s been treated
Even though all the wigs we sell are the best quality possible, tangling can still happen, and apart from the above reasons this is due to your real hair producing natural oil that keep your hair from drying out and getting caught up in itself.
Just like your real hair, the better you treat it the easier it will be to manage. Using a good quality shampoo and wig conditionerwill help greatly. The shampoo should be not-stripping and both products should be sulphate-free and have a low pH.
When you wash it, you can’t scrub it like you’d scrub your hair. You have to run your fingers through it like a comb, rubbing your fingers through it as you go and kind of squeezing it.
You want to rinse it very well by dipping it into water and pulling it out. You have to be gentle.
It is also best to comb your wig when you are conditioning it, then let it dry and brush it again. Use a wig brush that’s made for extensions. If you do have a tangle you want to start at the ends of your hair first.
In the case of hair extensions, the main thing you should try and do is to use alcohol free products as well as low-pH shampoo and conditioners.
Some of our favourite products that are available from our online shop include:
Wig care pack for synthetic hair – Perfect if for someone getting their first wig, this pack
Spray on Express Taming Conditioner – A great conditioner for synthetic wigs that will reduce static and keep frizz at bay
Synthetic Hair Cleanse Shampoo – This fantastic shampoo for synthetic wigs will remove negative effects of the environment while leaving the hair soft and hydrated.
Penetraitt repair shampoo – For human hair wigs, this shampoo is a strengthening and repair cleanser that revives stressed and damaged hair.